Will the real birthday please stand at attention?

Having grown up in one of the 16 commonwealth nations with the British monarch as the official head of state, I am often inundated with queenly matters. From starting several school days hearing God Save the Queen (and the Canadian anthem too) to seeing her face on Canadian currency and on tv for her Boxing Day message, I am used to having Liz as part of the Canadian landscape. Currently her official birthday* bash extravaganza is taking place this weekend. (Hmm-my invitation must have got lost in the mail.)

*Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays: the real one is April 21st and the official one held at a different time of year. For 2016, it’s June 11th. Either way she is biologically and officially 90 years of age. 


Apparently, Queen Elizabeth does not have a passport but she is well-travelled all the same. According to the CBC news (Canadian  Broadcasting Corporation), she’s been to Canada 22 times and has visited all provinces and territories.

Well the rest of us common folk do require passports to travel. So far I have been to 11 of the 53 Commonwealth nations.

The Commonwealth is a ‘country’ club of former British colonies. You will likely see some form of British colonial architecture, be able to watch episodes of Coronation Street and eat fish and chips in these places.

Though the sun has long set on the British empire, the reigning monarch still visits and surveys these lands which were once ruled by Britannia.

Check out the following link for a complete list of Commonwealth nations:


How many countries have you been to?

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