Nutrition & Travel: Memorable Meals

Food figures heavily in a traveller’s experience. Besides providing a different form of sustenance, it is a way to experience culture and connect with people.

As a non-meat eater I’ve managed to have some memorable food experiences around the globe: the sharing of food from a communal plate in the Middle East; following the religious stipulations of Rastafarian and Ethiopian food; learning about France’s colonial history through vanilla.

Many of the following foods are naturally vegetarian and nutritious and make use of a copious amount of vegetables, legumes and some grains. I have replicated some of these dishes several times upon my return home.

If you live in a major city, you may find restaurants that serve such fare. It is a way to taste the world on your plate without leaving your back yard.

  • Tahiti and the vanilla plantation. Mmm orchids and a baking spice!
  • Syria and everything!
  • Thailand and fresh pineapples.
  • New Zealand and everything vegetarian!
  • India and roti and dahl.
  • Jamaica and Rastafarian food.
  • Pisa Italy and pizza.
  • Turkey and pide (like pizza).
  • Ethiopia, injera and lentils.
  • Egypt and kusheri, the national dish.
  • Jordan and hummus.

What are some of the memorable tastes your travelling palate has experienced?  

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