Wellness Wednesday – Trail Mixes

Nutrition and hiking

Travelling affords you the time and opportunity to hike amongst spectacular scenery. But like a car, your body needs the proper fuel to make your hike an enjoyable experience. To prevent dehydration and hunger, make sure to have plenty of water and food that is nutrient and calorie dense with a generous portion of quality carbohydrates. Depending on the duration and intensity of your hike, it is suggested to snack regularly rather than rely on a full meal for all your energy needs. Items should be light-weight and easy-to-pack. Some examples are:

  • dried fruit, nuts and whole grain cereal
  • an electrolyte solution drink
  • energy bars (make sure ingredients are all natural and it does not contain exorbitant amounts of salt, sugar and fat)
  • finger sandwiches or mini wraps with nut butter or bean paste (eg hummus)
  • and don’t discount a good quality piece of fair-trade dark chocolate! (especially one with dried fruit and nuts)

Some guided day hike tours may offer packed lunches. Inquire about healthy options and provisions for dietary considerations.

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