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Technology on the road

Do you travel with any digital devices? If so, which ones? and how many?
phone: mobile, android, iPhone
camera: digital point and shoot, Polaroid, SLR
personal: laptop, iPad, tablet, kindle, iPod

These days, devices are becoming more compact and multi-purpose. You may be alright with just one i.e. phone with camera, wi-fi enabled, music/video library, etc. Some still cling to the massive cameras while others opt for smaller versions of similar quality. Some bring everything but the kitchen sink while others go naked (‘unplug’). I’m somewhere in between. I like to have a mixture of compact lightweight devices that enable me to take photos, enjoy my music and check e-mails and do online banking with relative security.

If traveling with technology, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be discreet when using your device in public.
  • Pay attention to roaming and/or international charges for service.
  • Make sure insurance will cover the value if item is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Pack in your carry-on and make sure to take plugs, converters and rechargeable batteries.

Have tech will travel


  • souvenir pictures from your trip
  • instant communication with anyone anywhere
  • pictures to share via e-mail or upload for others to see (usually cheaper than sending postcards!)
  • tool for travel writers to do their job more efficiently and with expediency
  • entertainment for long-haul travel
  • a way to connect with strangers (Don’t know sign language? Communicate with that Deaf traveler by typing with them on your phone/tablet.)
  • communication tool for ordering food in places where you don’t know the language
  • map apps and online discounts


  • Makes you a target for thieves.
  • It can be heavy, adding extra weight to your pack.
  • There’s worry over taking care of your device, e.g. protection from sand, weather and people.

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