Just Travel! Don’t Forget Your Luggage!

Travel wipes come in handy as they have many uses. One of them is quick and easy cleaning of items that can’t help but get dirty: your shoes and luggage.

Protect yourself, your fellow passengers and countrymen by cleaning the outside of your luggage and the bottom of your shoes with disinfectant travel wipes. You don’t want the souvenir you bring home to be some infectious substance hitching a ride on your persons.

Upon returning home, remove your shoes at the front door, leave them there, then wipe them down. Do the same with your luggage. Your shoes have been stepping in who knows what and your luggage has come in contact with who knows what. Germs, dirt and bugs ignore border crossings and will boldly pass through customs if given the chance.

And try to shower before leaving your destination. When you arrive home, it’s a good idea to give your luggage another wipe down. The journey that luggage takes through airports and the other luggage it comes into contact with may infect your own luggage.

WWT – Keeping it weal!


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