Cook Islands

Happy Birthday/Easter to Me

The last few posts have been heavy so I’m keeping this light. Today is my birthday and this year it falls on Easter. Here are the places where I spent my Easter overseas:

  • Ethiopia
  • Malaysia
  • Cook Islands

Ethiopia is a fascinating place to visit. As one of two countries in Africa never to have been colonized, it is rich in history, culture and wildlife. Various tribes exist here and there are numerous languages spoken. In spite of the wealth and resources that Ethiopia possesses, the country remains one of the most impoverished in the world. A visit to this up and coming destination is a must-see experience.

Ethiopia Photo by Kimberley (c)2012

Photo by Kimberley (c)2012

Malaysia is a south East Asian nation that combines the traditional with the modern. From the tea terraces of the Cameron highlands to the orangutan sanctuary of Borneo and all remnants of Portuguese and British influence in between, you will not be at a loss for things to see, do and experience in ‘bolehland’ (“can do”).

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands in the South Pacific in free association with New Zealand. They are to New Zealand what Mexico is to Canada, a sunny tropical getaway. Besides its lagoons, palm tree-lined beaches and black pearls, these islands have a strong Polynesian presence and are more affordable (and dare I say more authentic) than Tahiti. If you are here during Easter, check out a church service. Visitors are welcome and the singing is legendary.

Photo by Kimberley (c)2009

Photo by Kimberley (c)2009

For a list of places where I’ve spent my birthday overseas, see the following post published last year.




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