Wellness Wednesday – Give it Up

Wellness Wednesday

Lent is a period of time preceding Easter and usually involves “giving up something.” I’ve decided to adopt this practice and adapt it to fitness, fragrance and food for the next four Wellness Wednesdays. First up, fragrance.

Relinquish something in favour of a wellness promoting habit.

Give up…
Synthetic fragrances i.e. perfume, soap, cleaning products. Artificial scents are manufactured in a lab and can have ill effects on one’s health. A tell-tale sign are the words parfum or fragrance on the ingredient list.


Replace with…
Natural products made with essential oils and few other ingredients. Look for the latin/botanical name on the ingredient list along with the label ‘essential oil’. These oils are also volatile and their scent will lose potency once exposed to air; natural scents do not linger.


  • Lavender soap/deodorant
  • Perfume made with jasmine and/or sandalwood
  • Cleaning products made with tea tree oil and any citrus essential oil

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