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Wellness Wednesday – Spinning is not for me

I’d rather be on a real bike going places.

Wellness Wednesday

Spin classes are popular with some gym goers. It is simply sitting on a stationary bike and pedalling at different speeds and rates of intensity, often to music. Although it mimics bike riding, all the blood, sweat and tears shed don’t get you anywhere; you are still in the same place you started. I am not a fan of spinning but I do appreciate the functionality of this type of class.

Functional fitness can be defined as compound exercises that train the muscles and joints used in daily life, at work and in sports. It is fitness with a purpose and when done properly can help improve your ability to perform regular activities and help prevent injury.

  • Practicing squats can help you get in and out of the airline seat with ease. (Economy seats are another matter…)
  • Standing up from a squat while lifting weight overhead can help you more easily store your belongings in theĀ overhead compartment.
  • Walking quickly with weights in hand (sometimes seen in a Bootcamp) can help build muscle endurance when carrying luggage as you rush to catch the train.
  • Woodchoppers, a twisting motion performed while you go from a squat position to standing, can help with your golf swing.

Much has been written recently on functional training, fitness, exercise or whatever a practitioner or gym is calling it. There are also a number of different approaches to incorporating this type of exercise into your workout routine. Whatever you choose, make it ‘fun’ and make it functional so you are fit to travel.


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