Wellness Wednesday – One Love Week 3

One love, one heart
let’s get together and feel alright
~lyrics for One Love by Bob Marley~

One Love Wellness Bootcamp – edition Rastasthan
Develop and maintain healthy habits and make the pursuit of wellness a lifestyle.
Culturally inspired tips for your journey to wellness.

Tips are intended for the general population. For those with special considerations or those wanting a custom plan, please consult the appropriate professional.

Winning the lottery, a trip around the world and major life events would seem to be a source of great joy. And while this may be true, the small things can also count for a lot as well. Just the other day, I got a free chai latte and piece of chocolate, the sun was shining and I got paid for some outstanding invoices. It was enough to make my day.
What ‘little things’ make your day?

This week’s to-do list:

  • Have an aromatherapy massage. If you can’t afford one at a spa, then check out student clinics in your area. They often offer quality massages at a discount.
  • Luxuriate in an aromatherapy bath with your favourite essential oils and some epsom salts. The oils will uplift your spirits, the salts will ease muscle tension and the water will help keep you warm without having to rely on the heater.
  • Take the stairs always instead of the elevator every time even with bags of groceries. Commit to this at least until the end of the month.
  • On alternate days, 3 times a week, do push ups. Start on your knees then progress to your toes. And yes it still counts if you do only 1 push up on your toes; eventually you will be able to do more. Try 8 push ups each time and follow this plan for at least 3 weeks.
  • Clean eating is a buzz word in the fitness community and it equates with the ital diet of the Rastas, a natural whole foods eating plan that is mostly plant-based.
    Meatless Monday – Thank God for the Rastas
    For the rest of the month, refrain from eating processed and refined foods. This means no packaged foods with a long ingredient list, GMOs, preservatives, additives, refined sugars and flours and artificial sweeteners. Instead follow a diet full of natural whole foods that are minimally processed: grains, vegetables, some fruit and a natural protein source (pulses, eggs, etc) all appropriately prepared (i.e. steamed, baked). Use herbs and spices to season your food and use sea salt sparingly. For an alternative to salt, add a small amount of marmite/vegemite, miso, dulse (seaweed) flakes, or low-sodium tamari or organic soy sauce to your dishes. Along with the Rastafarian diet, Indian cuisine also captures the characteristics of clean eating.
    Veg Recipes of India

Some food for thought from the Enchanting Minds site:

I find that when I’m having a moment of negativity, I just let myself have it. I decided a long time ago to stop punishing myself for my human side. It’s only natural. Of course we’re going to get angry when we experience unfairness and injustice. Of course we’re always going to be saddened by tragedy or loss. I now give myself the time and space to feel what I feel. Then, when I’m done, I pick myself back up and I carry on.

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