Wellness Wednesday – One Love Week 1

One love, one heart
let’s get together and feel alright
~lyrics for One Love by Bob Marley~

It’s finally here!

One Love Wellness Bootcamp
Develop and maintain healthy habits and make the pursuit of wellness a lifestyle.

This first instalment of One Love Wellness Bootcamp is entitled Rastasthan: culturally inspired tips for your journey to wellness.

Your to-do list for Week 1 – January 6-12, 2016

  • Every morning, upon waking, perform a round of sun salutations.
  • For at least 3 meals this week, eat whole grains ie wheat berries, sorghum pellets, etc. To prepare, rinse a portion of grains then soak in water overnight. Drain water and let grains sit at room temperature for several hours, until they start to sprout. You’ll see a little ‘tail’ forming. Cook according to package directions; generally boil water, add grains, lower heat then cook until done.  Water to grain ratio is typically 2:1 and cooking time varies from 30-45 minutes. Serve with vegetables and a serving of protein.
  • Purchase some liquid Castile soap and some good quality lavender and tea tree essential oils. In 100mL bottle, add a couple drops each of lavender and tea tree oil. Fill bottle with half Castile soap and half water; leave a little room at the top. After putting lid on, shake mixture well. Use as a shower gel and hand soap.

Commit to incorporating these tips into your daily routine to help build a wellness lifestyle.

To make a change in your health, make a change in your habits.

A few things to ponder this coming week. Consider:

  • What are you proud of?
  • What do you need to improve on?
  • What are you grateful for?


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