Wellness Wednesday – Pre-Trip Prep

Attention: Wellness Wednesday may be preempted the next few weeks due to field research abroad.

In preparation for any trip, I usually employ a triple F approach.


One week before departing, I go hardcore everyday doing high intensity cardio, weights, core and flexibility exercises. The first few days of the trip are used as rest days while I acclimatize to a new environment.


I plan my essential oil travel kit and make sure I have enough of each of the oils I want to bring. Lavender, tea tree and thyme are often the staples in my kit.  I also help build my immunity and reduce pre-trip stress by using essential oils in a bath, skin care lotion and vaporizing them in a nebulizer while I sleep.


Food prep is two-fold. I investigate the vegetarian/vegan friendly options at my destination and order a special meal for the plane. I also pack an emergency food kit of whole food supplements, vitamins and energy bars to ensure I get some decent nutrition when vegetarian/vegan food options are scarce. The second part of my pre-trip food prep is to ween myself off sugar and caffeine while focusing on getting plenty of high quality plant protein, essential fats and a variety of vegetables and whole grains. It is ideal to start the trip with a healthy diet and well-functioning digestive system. This can help carry you through the unsavoury elements of eating outside of your comfort zone.

Whether you travel at home or abroad, or not travel at all, it is always beneficial to reset your healthy habits at regular intervals.



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