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Just Travel! The Long and Short of It

There are three things to consider when choosing clothes for your trip: culture, climate and care.

Be mindful of the culture of your destination; this is especially true for women. Even though the temperature may be high, the hemlines may have to be low. Modest attire and the absence of certain patterns (camouflage) and slogans (t-shirts with evocative language) are most appropriate in some countries. Respect for local custom also helps one acclimatize more easily.

Long sleeves may also be practical in countries where the sun is hot and the mosquitoes in full force.  Light colours and lightweight material are sometimes the better option in the Equatorial belt. Determine, as well, whether synthetic or natural fibres are ideal given the expected weather.

The type of material is also something to consider when it comes to the care of your clothes. Will you have access to dry cleaning, a closet with hangars? Are your clothes quick-dry? Do they require hand-washing, ironing or special detergents? Sometimes the easy-wear easy-care fabric is ideal for someone on the go. Why wrinkle your forehead with worry over special care for your clothes?

For the independent and adventurous traveller, clothes are not meant to be a burden. Convertible pants, neutral colours and material designed for travel are the types of clothes worth investing in.


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  1. And regardless of the destination, if you are planning on doing a lot of walking, you may want to consider cotton/wool socks and one pair of good walking shoes. Well worth the additional weight in the knapsack or luggage.

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