Wellness Wednesday – Holiday Workout Challenge

It is the holiday season for many: Christmas; Hanukkah; Kwanzaa; school holidays and perhaps a trip abroad to see family or famous sights.

With so much going on, it may be difficult to stick to a regular fitness routine. For today’s Wellness Wednesday, I share with you one of my holiday workouts. It requires little time, no equipment and minimal space. All you need is yourself, some workout clothes and a commitment to stick to the workout plan.

Sample workout

Day 1 – one set of squats, 12 reps; a set of lunges, 12 reps per leg; crunches, regular and oblique, 30 seconds for each

Day 2 – one set of chest push-ups, 8 reps; cardio (eg jumping jacks, run on the spot, burpees) 15 seconds; one set of tricep push-ups, 8 reps; cardio, 25 seconds; one set of hip lifts while supine, 12 reps; Russian twist, 10 seconds; superman, 8 reps moving both legs and arms

Day 3 – two sets of squats, 12 reps each; two sets of lunges, 12 reps per leg each time; two sets of front plank/hover, side plank/hover and bicycle, 30 seconds per exercise

Day 4 – Same as day 2 then repeat.

Day 5 – two sets of squats, 8 reps each; one set of jump squats, 8 reps; two sets of lunges, 8 reps each leg each time; one set of lunge jumps, on one leg or alternating, 8 reps; one set of one-legged squats, 8 reps per leg

Day 6 – Do the following circuit three times: one set of chest push-ups, 8 reps; cardio, 30 seconds; one set of tricep push-ups; cardio, 30 seconds; hip lifts, 8 reps; Russian twist 10 seconds; superman, alternating opposite arm and leg lifts, 8 reps

Day 7 – rest

Start the plan today and finish on the day of the epiphany (January 6th 2016). You can do this in addition to your regular workouts. If you are more advanced, feel free to do more challenging options.

Each day’s workout should take around 10 minutes and alternates between lower body exercises and core and upper body work and core. Make sure to warm up your muscles before and stretch them after every workout.

The key is to make a habit of working out on a regular basis for a timeframe that is manageable in a busy schedule. Also, as part of your holiday workout challenge, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, providing you have no mobility restrictions.

Check in next year to let me know how you did!

Some inspirational thoughts:

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.
~C.S. Lewis~

Live with intention.
Be Bold and fearless
Make a difference
Live the Life You Were Destined For

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