Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

I was raised on Sesame Street (well not literally) and I think it helped contribute to my love of travel. It presented a multicultural and multilingual community where people of all persuasions were acknowledged and accepted. The Canadian version had French and English segments and my introduction to Sign Language was via Sesame Street guest Linda Bove, a Deaf actress. So this begs the question…

Which Sesame Street character are you when you travel?

a) Oscar the Grouch who is always complaining and grumpy, but good at heart.

b) Cookie Monster the foodie who travels through his taste buds (and is especially fond of cookies, num, num, num).

c) Snuffaluffagus, the never seen nor heard visitor.  “leave no footprints, take only pictures

d) Innocent and Pollyanna like Big Bird who sees the world through rose (or yellow) coloured glasses.

e) The Count checking things off your travel list then laughing rapturously “1 travel experience, two travel experiences, ah ah ah…”

f) Bert & Ernie. Are you part of a travelling comic duo where one is practical and the other carefree?

g) Kermit the Frog reporting to you live with travel news flashes.

h) Other e.g. Grover, Elmo



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