Wellness Wednesday – Spa on a Shoestring

This Wellness Wednesday explores options for an instant spa.

As much fun as travel can be, it can also wreak havoc on your nerves. Pampering can help alleviate stress but not everyone can afford to splurge on a day of indulgence at a destination spa. Not to worry; you can create your own spa experience, care for your skin and calm your nerves with some easy-to-find ingredients.

  • If ordering green tea, set some aside to cool. Use as a toner for your skin.
  • Can’t finish that humongous avocado or papaya that you bought at the market? Mash the leftovers and spread on your face to use as a mask or scrub.
  • Uncooked oats from a breakfast buffet or local grocery store can be used as a face scrub or in a bath for itchy skin.
  • Besides memory and sore muscles, rosemary essential oil is often used as a scalp treatment in aromatherapy.

There is a general rule for natural skin care: what you can put in your body, you can put on your skin. It is not necessary and sometimes not possible to lug around tons of toiletries. Use natural items for your skin and hair care needs without having to worry about fly friendly amounts of products and the search for replacements once you’ve run out.

And for aromatic peace of mind:

Using Aromatherapy to Manage Your Emotions


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