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The Peace of Mind Series: A financial instalment

Travelling can be stressful and stress can depress the immune system leaving you vulnerable to a whole host of disease. For peace of mind here’s some advice regarding finances.

Seeing sights on a budget

  • Once you arrive at a transportation hub (i.e. airport, ferry terminal, train station) look for city/country guides. They often contain coupons for discounts on restaurants, popular sights and accommodation.
  • Check the website of famous sites as they often have a time set aside for a reduced or complimentary admission fee.
  • Consult your membership benefits with certain credit cards and automobile associations. You may be eligible for discounts at some mainstream sights.
  • Talk to the front desk staff of your hotel or hostel. Being a guest in their establishment may have you privy to some discounts.
  • Befriend your fellow travellers and form a group. Many sights offer group discounts.

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  1. I’m the most stressed when I feel that I don’t know enough. So, always before travelling i prefer to prepare myself and collect all information. But in some unusual situation we should try to stay calm and friendly ask others. Be polite- it’s also a key, isn’t it?

    • Good point! Knowledge does help alleviate stress. Keeping calm is also good. Not much gained from worrying too much. It’s always nice when people are helpful and friendly too.

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