Wellness Wednesday – Booster Shot

It’s back to school time here in Canada and that often means an increase in people getting sick. The exposure to germs in a school environment is not dissimilar to international air travel i.e. being in an enclosed space, breathing recycled air and inhaling any germs that may be floating about. This Wellness Wednesday looks to the triple F for supporting your immune system naturally:

Stress can depress the immune system and leave the body vulnerable to illness. A yoga practice can help calm the nervous system and mitigate stress levels experienced during travel.
Why not try a yoga vacation in its place of origin, India?
Support Your Immune System: Yoga for Wellness

Numerous essential oils are used in aromatherapy to support the immune system, in part due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties that some of them possess. Some of the oils popularly used for immune support are thyme linalool, eucalyptus globulus, ravintsara, clove, oregano, tea tree and bergamot.
Why not take a break in your busy travel schedule with a trip to a spa for an aromatherapy treatment?
Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Books (AromaWeb)

A healthy gut is needed for a well-functioning immune system. Populate your intestinal flora (beneficial microorganisms/microbiota in the gut) with fermented foods. Long a tradition in many countries, fermented foods are trending again and contain gut-friendly probiotics (i.e. the ‘good’ bacteria).
Why not have probiotic containing miso soup in Japan, sauerkraut in Germany, yoghurt in Greece or sourdough bread in France?
The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity
What are Probiotics? (WebMD site)

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