Wellness Wednesday – R n’ R

There is a parallel that can be drawn between exercise and travel (naturally Weal World Travel thinks so!):
R n’ R i.e. rest and relaxation OR rest and recovery.

To help build muscle strength, it is the period of rest between workouts that aids the recovery process. During this phase, the muscles repair the micro tears caused by resistance training and become stronger as a result. It is akin to the phoenix rising from its ashes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“.

General guideline is to allow one full day of rest between resistance workouts for the recovery process.

Crossing several time zones and being in unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. Being constantly on the go with touring can also lead to travel burnout. To help replenish your energy stores and increase your enjoyment of the travel experience, plan a little R n’ R, rest and relaxation, by taking the day(s) off from being a ‘tourist.’ Sleep in and have brunch at a popular café, spend a lazy day at the beach or read a book in the park. Once your cool travel experiences catch up to you, start building new ones with renewed travel vigour.

And thus concludes this week’s Wellness Wednesday.

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