Just Travel! Driving Tips

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent a car to see the sights than it does to use public transport or to walk or cycle. Here are some budget-friendly ways to optimize your car rental experience.

  • Turn off AC/heat unless absolutely necessary. Roll down the windows or put on a sweater as you drive.
  • For fuel efficiency, drive the posted speed and maintain correct tire pressure.
  • Plan your trip for efficiency. On a map, mark the sites you would like to see and where they are located. Try to follow a straight line rather than a circular route to hit all the highlights and avoid back tracking.
  • Pick up and drop off the car in different locations. It may cost a little more but you save on fuel and time.
  • Check your home car insurance and credit card benefits to see if you are covered for LDW (i.e. Loss Damage Waiver). This allows you to decline the car rental company’s insurance.
  • It may be worth your while to become a member of an automobile association. The cost of membership may pay for itself by using a towing service alone. And they often provide a periodic travel publication as well as travel discounts to their members.
    CAA – Canadian Automobile Association
    AAA – American Automobile Association
  • And for extra insurance, take a digital photo of the car after you drop it off – just in case.

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