Wellness Wednesday – Sleep Tight

Tonight’s Wellness Wednesday features some sleep tips.

Travelling to far off lands can significantly disrupt your body’s circadian rhythms, your body’s internal (24 hour) clock. Help ease the effects of jet lag by settling into a good sleep routine.

No lights by the bed
This can be street lights, night lights and the light emitted from computers, clock radios/alarms, televisions, mobile phones or other cellular equipment. Complete darkness is key for melatonin production, the hormone that regulates our sleep/wake cycle. Consider wearing an eye mask to shut out any light you aren’t able to control.

Sweet dreams
Try calming essential oils. Place a drop of lavender on a tissue then insert into the pillowcase. I did this on a recent trip and within minutes felt relaxed, shortly after fell asleep and woke up feeling very rested. Spikenard essential oil (related to Valerian) is sedative too. For suggestions of other oils, check out the article Best Essential Oils For Sleep.

Practice a nighttime yoga routine
There are different aspects that make up the practice of yoga: poses or asanas, breathing and meditation. Doing some or all of these can help prepare the body for a restful sleep.
Article, 15 Poses to Help You Sleep Better on Yoga Journal

Bedtime snack
It is recommended to avoid eating meals three hours before bedtime. There are certain foods and nutrients, however, that can help promote sleep: bananas contain trytophan which helps encourage relaxation; cherries and oats are said to help the body produce melatonin; calcium and magnesium are considered key nutrients for good and restful sleep. Occasionally a wee snack a few hours before bedtime may be beneficial for sleep.
Foods That Help Produce Melatonin on One Green Planet
Insomnia: Studies Suggest Calcium and Magnesium Effective on Medical News Today

Note: These tips are applicable whether you stay at home or go abroad.

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