For My Fellow Foodie Travellers

With all the food festivals going on around here, I thought I would present a taster of one of my food photos from my Instagram account Wanderlust & Flour Dust:

Food is often a poignant souvenir on our travels. We experience culture through it, connect with people by it, savour it or get sick on it.

As I look through my travel pics and journal, food figures quite heavily in them. When I peruse other people’s travel adventures, food is also a feature in their experience. Are you a travelling foodie too?

Here are just a few ways that food can intersect with travel:

airline food; food and wine tours; street food; food capitals; food festivals; food museums; Michelin star dining; destination dishes; spa cuisine; harvest time; famous Farmers’ markets; food and drink factory tours; special diets on the road; and the list goes on…

Of course, staying healthy abroad naturally is my thing so I often perform ‘recipe alchemy’ to make the food I encounter nutritious and vegetarian/vegan friendly. Watch out for more posts on Nutrition & Travel.


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