For Those Who Are Weal Curious

Hello world!

I have always known that I wanted to travel. I have also been interested in nutrition and fitness from a young age. And I’ve always written. So how did I end with a blog that I hope to turn into an empire?

“do what you love and the rest will follow”
“follow your bliss”

A chance encounter with a roommate on a Tunisian tour gave me the idea to turn my eclectic mix of passions into a profitable venture. I put all my (vegan) eggs into one cyber basket and the concept of Weal World Travel was formed. ‘Weal‘ means wellness and Weal World Travel is a holistic health guide for the independent traveller, helping you stay healthy abroad naturally.

Here I post free articles (and the occasional video) online using my experience and training in aromatherapy, fitness, travel, holistic nutrition and culinary skills. One day soon I hope to emulate the success of the Lonely Planet series by having my shoestring operation get published, paid for and widely recognized. In the meantime I continue being actively involved in my disciplines and sharing my passions with an online community of like-minded individuals.

Weal World Travel – An Introduction
Wellness Wednesday – Weal World Travel

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