Wanderlust & Flour Dust – A Taste of Turkey

Wanderlust & Flour Dust – vegetarian foodie adventures by a travelling baker. Instagram account

As my Instagram moniker suggests, this post is about food and travel. Most of the items listed are naturally vegetarian; the ones with the asterix have a meat option so be sure to specify your dietary preference.

A primer on the goodies I experienced on my trip to Turkey.

A sweet and sticky dessert filled with nuts, filo dough and sugar syrup.

Cheese or olive stuffed bread.

A Turkish pancake cooked on a dome pan over an open fire. It’s heavier than a crepe but thinner than a traditional pancake. Can be filled with sweet or savoury food.

Pide* Bread in the shape of a flattened football-long with a bulging centre and pinched at both ends. This is considered Turkish ‘pizza’ and comes with a variety of toppings plus cheese.

Basically a Turkish bagel covered in sesame seeds. You can get whole wheat or white flour. Opt for the whole wheat for its fibre content. A traveller can’t live on white bread alone.

Stuffed Eggplant
As the name says this vegetable is stuffed; usually with spice, rice and tomato.

Just like it sounds-basically bread with a sandwich filling and then toasted. Often comes with cheese.

Vegetarian Kebap
Basically a vegetable casserole; usually served with rice.

Yoghurt and Honey
Self-explanatory and simply tasty. A good quality plain yoghurt combined with honey makes for a delicious and nutritious snack. Who needs ice cream?

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