Wellness Wednesday – Food Safety for Travellers

Yesterday April 7th was World Health Day, a day set aside by the World Health Organization to encourage global awareness of a related topic. This year’s theme is food safety with the slogan being “From farm to plate, make food safe.

World Health Day 2015: From farm to plate, make food safe

The industrialization and globalization of the food industry has posed an increased health risk to the world’s food supply. Numerous foodborne illnesses and deaths have resulted from contaminated food. Today’s Wellness Wednesday offers:

Food Safety tips for travellers

  • Avoid raw foods i.e. vegetables, meat, etc.
  • If you can boil it, wash it, cook it or peel it, then you can eat it.
  • Eat thoroughly cooked foods and ensure the temperature of your meal is hot, not warm.
  • Avoid most street vendor food.
  • Check online traveller’s tips for anecdotal evidence of potential food poisoning locales.
  • Avoid ice cubes as they may have been made with non-potable water.
  • Pack some water purification tablets and probiotic supplements (for healthy intestinal flora*).
  • Drink water with lemon juice.
  • Have some whole food bars and vitamins to supplement your diet.

*Your immune and digestive system are closely linked; a healthy gut is crucial for immune system function.

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