Wellness Wednesday – Oh the terroir!

No not terror but the French word terroir. This all-encompassing term speaks to the environment in which wine grapes are grown. It includes the climate, soil and geography of a place which is then characterized through the wine produced in a particular region. This term also applies to essential oils.

Therapeutic properties of essential oils are derived from the chemical constituents they contain. Studies that identify these properties are based on plants grown in their land of origin. Once a plant is removed from its native land and grown elsewhere the concentration of constituents, and therefore the efficacy of the oil in aromatherapeutic application, are called into question. The following is a very brief list of oils and the native lands that produce the best product for use in aromatherapy:

Tea Tree
Sample use: acne

Sample use: coughs

Sample use: anxiety

Sample use: burns

New Zealand
Sample use: athlete’s foot

New Zealand
Sample use: itching


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