Valentine’s Day Special: Chocolate Destinations

Visiting the Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas is like saying you’ve been to Paris when you’ve never actually been to France. Forsake the fake and go for the real thing.
~Kimberley, the Itinerant Introvert~

Forget Hershey, Pennsylvania and all the factories in the Cadbury World Empire. There are some exquisite chocolate tours for connoisseurs of the least adulterated version of these confections.
There’s always Mexico, of course, the birthplace of cacao; that’s an obvious choice. And many destinations have noteworthy chocolate too. These are my top picks for this edition of Chocolate Destinations.

Tobler, Lindt, Sprüngli, etc. Switzerland is not short of chocolate factories, though they are devoid of cacao tress. Milk chocolate and mountains are synonymous with Switzerland. Although an expensive destination it is a scenic one. Besides the ‘regular’ attractions, check out The best Swiss destinations for chocolate lovers from the Swiss Wanderer.

It wasn’t enough that they absconded with some cacao beans and brought them back to Europe in the 1500s but now the Spanish have opened a museum dedicated to the food they appropriated from central America. When in Barcelona visit museu de xocolata.

This country is synonymous with beer, chocolate and french fries. Yes the Belgians claim to have invented the wrongly named fried spud that is loved the world over. Visit Belgium for chocolate lovers and discover there is a lot more to Belgian chocolate than just the Callebaut name.

Dominican Republic
From cacao tours to the choco museo in Punta Cana, you can punctuate your day at the beach with a hit of chocolate. The climatic environment on this side of Hispaniola is well-suited for both cacao and people.

The Galapagos isn’t the only game in town. Check out the Ecuador Chocolate Experience.

Did you know February 14th is National Chocolate Day in Ghana? This country is one of the top suppliers for commercial cacao and the government even set up a campaign to “put Ghana on the chocolate map.” Ghana also has the distinction of hosting a UK-based and viable fair-trade chocolate company aptly named Divine Chocolate.

Trinidad and Tobago are Caribbean islands commonly associated with the colourful Carnival Festival and parade. They also produce chocolate. Let the following links speak for themselves:
Taste Trinidad’s Chocolate
Trinidad Chocolate
More Than Chocolate

World Chocolate Guide

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