What’s Your Travel Style?

On a trip to Turkey I confirmed and articulated the type of travel style that I have: a wandering, grazing style. I like to walk (as you can tell by my feature columns Urban Walks, Walk n’ Choc and Peregrinations & Meditations), just simply wander in new surroundings. I also like to graze. Rather than eat huge meals 3 times a day in sit down restaurants I like to get takeaway food from cafés and bakeries and snack on them throughout the day.

What’s your travel style?

  1. royalty: 5 star requirements; must travel in luxury with all the comforts of home at hand.
  2. beach bum: content to just hang out. Considers vacations a time to do absolutely nothing save for lying on the beach.
  3. the scheduler: must follow an itinerary or map to a T. No veering off course ever!
  4. spontaneous sally/sean: no plans; just let’s things happen and goes with the flow.
  5. other…?

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