Have Camel Will Travel & Be Well

Camels are traditional at Christmastime-the 3 wise men rode them to deliver their gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh and not so wise tourists ride them unwittingly on their exotic vacations abroad.

I have ridden my fair share of camels on previous December trips I’ve taken but this year there will be no camel rides for me. So in lieu I decided to share some health tips involving camels.

The following is from the Natural history of Pliny the Younger (c. 61-113 CE) who was popular in the Mediterranean during the Nabateean era (the ones who created and lived in Petra). Here are some camel ancient remedies.


Drink dried powdered camel’s tail.


Drink dried camel’s brain with vinegar.


To make your hair curl apply the following concoction: Camel dung reduced to ashes and mixed with oil.


Maqsoud, R. (1994). Petra-A Travellers Guide. Reading, UK: Garnet Publishing Limited.

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