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From Black Friday to a white Christmas, this is the time of year that capitalist retailers in North America dream of. The commercial aspect of the holiday season would have family spending time and money together. ‘Tis the season of gift giving and the time when the prices for virtually everything are hiked.

When travelling to certain regions of the world, though, you will find that prices are flexible. Bargaining is a way of life in many places such as the Middle East and Asia. If you are unaccustomed to this practice here a few tips to get you started:

  1. When a vendor states their price, reduce it to half and settle on a price somewhere between the original and your counter offer.
  2. Showing disinterest and walking away when a vendor states their price is likely to get you a better deal. Be prepared to feign apathy about the item you would like to buy and show disgust regarding its price. This opens the negotiations in your favour.
  3. Shop around and try to avoid vendors in areas with high tourist traffic.
  4. Know what to look for to make sure that you are getting decent quality for whatever price you end up paying.
  5. Be patient! Negotiating a price is an art and cannot be rushed.
  6. And remember, a vendor will not sell if they are not making a profit. The cost of living overseas is not the same as your home country so don’t feel guilty if you think the price is too low.

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