Peregrine Accoutrements

Peregrine Accoutrements: useful gear for the hiker.

Hikes may require more advanced stuff but generally the walker on vacation should carefully consider the following items essential for a safe and enjoyable hike.

Good footwear
Never underestimate the importance of quality footwear. It should be water-proof and comfortable, offer good support and be well-suited to the terrain. This applies to both shoes and socks. And always make sure to test new shoes thoroughly before going on your trip. Take care of your feet on your hike and they will do the same for you.

Waterproof gear
This could be a rain jacket, rain pants, gaiters or clothing that is quick dry. Being wet when hiking is no fun.

Nature can be fickle by our highly prescribed standards so make sure you have enough clothing for the 4-seasons-in-one-hike. From t-shirts to long sleeves and pants that can transform into shorts with the zip of YKK, come prepared with layers of clothing for heat, cold, wind and rain. Fleece is a popular material as it provides warmth in a lightweight fabric. Materials that wick away moisture and provide breathability are also ideal as you will likely sweat and cool off several times during a long hike.

Walking stick
A walking stick provides support, stability and extra cardio. It also acts as a weapon to help fight off wild animals should you encounter any on your hike. You can get travel poles that telescope to the appropriate height and fold away for easy storage. Or you can just use a piece of wood or branch that you find at the trail head.

First Aid Kit
No need to go overboard and carry a surgery room in your bag; a small box/bag of supplies should suffice. Many stores that specialize in travel and the outdoors will have ready-made kits in all sizes and for various use. Items to be included are bandages, scissors, tweezers, plastic gloves, mask, adhesive tape, antihistamines, analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic solutions. Customize according to where, when and how you are hiking.

And finally hike with an attitude of perseverance, patience and humour. Happy Hiking and Travel ‘Weal”!

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