Get The Pork off Your Fork

It is October 1st World Vegetarian Day and the official start of vegetarian awareness month. You can mark the occasion with a vegetarian meal either in an ethnic restaurant at home or an authentic one abroad. Here are a few vegetarian-friendly cuisines to help get you started:

The Rastafari people have you covered. Vegetarians and vegans can eat well throughout Jamaica, whether they are eating ital food in a Rastafari community or ordering rice and peas anywhere else.
See our sister site Weal Food for a primer on Meatless Mondays & Jamaica.

Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia follow a vegetarian diet for most of the year. Here, lentils are king!
See our sister site Weal Food for a primer on Ethiopian cuisine.

In Hindu India, the cow is sacred. Curries, dahl and roti are some must-try iconic foods in Indian cuisine.

The Middle East & North Africa
Take your pick of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco or Jordan-wherever happens to be safest at the moment. There is no shortage of plant-based protein, grains and olive oil infused salads in any of these regions. Falafel, fattoush, tabouli anyone?

From baklava to pide, a sort of football-shaped pizza, a deliciously memorable vegetarian meal is quite attainable in Turkey.

The proponents of a vegetarian diet cite sustainability and heath as two of the major reasons to go veg. Meat and dairy are expensive to produce and buy for many people around the world. There have also been a number of published studies that suggest that eating meat and dairy can have a negative impact on your health.
Travelling is all about the experiences: cultural, dining, adventure, etc. This October be adventurous with your meals and have your cultural experiences on a plate.

For a list of vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants around the world, check out Happy Cow

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