The Zen of Travel

“Follow your bliss”
Joseph Campbell~

Mine obviously is travel. There are many moments when journeying around the world, or even in your backyard, that you encounter bliss. Here are just a few of my bliss moments from some of my adventures:

  • The seat next to you on a long haul flight is empty. In economy class this means you can stretch out!
  • No screaming babies on the plane.
  • You find a clean Western toilet in a remote location and it has toilet paper!
  • You get a good deal on a ‘must-have‘ souvenir.
  • Finding good food to eat at a reasonable price.

And of course every trip is always helped by:

  • The friendly and helpful locals
  • The ideal travel partner
  • Good weather
  • Great scenery
  • Staying healthy abroad!

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