Just Travel – Nova Scotia Nuggets

What is it?
Nova Scotia is a maritime province in eastern Canada. It was one of the founding provinces of this nation and has a history that goes back over 300 years.

Where is it?
Nova Scotia is located on the Atlantic coast. Its neighbours include PEI and New Brunswick as well as Newfoundland just northeast of the Cabot Strait. Maine, USA is located to the west just past New Brunswick.

When to go?
Summer is ideal with decent weather and several festivals going on and you may luck out with decent weather in spring and fall too. Winter can be troublesome as weather rules the road and some of Nova Scotia’s highlights may be made impassable.

Who are the people?
Though the translation ‘New Scotland’ (Latin = Nova Scotia) would suggest that Gaelic and Celtic culture is dominant, Nova Scotia has a long and rich history of Indigenous (Mi’kmaq), French (Acadian) and African settlers. Click here for more on the various peoples of Nova Scotia.

Why go there?

  • Nature: Cabot Trail; Cape Breton Highlands; coastline and beaches; whale watching
  • Historic Sites: Fortress of Louisbourg; Citadel Hill; Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site
  • Culture: Acadian, African, Gaelic/Celtic, Mi’kmaq
  • Famous site: Peggy’s Cove, Lunenberg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Activities: hiking, golfing, kayaking
  • Art: music, folk art, artisan studios, museums galore
  • Food: vineyards and lobster

Travel to Nova Scotia

How to get there?
Air – Halifax Stanfield International Airport is located about 35 km outside of the capital city of Halifax. Most visitors to the province travelling by air will arrive and depart from here.
Sea – Halifax is a port of call for a number of cruise lines.
Land – You can drive here from mainland Canada and the USA. Bus and rail service are also available, (i.e. Greyhound, ViaRail and Amtrak respectively).

Health Concerns
No vaccinations are required but standard up-to-date vaccinations are recommended. See Health Information for Travellers to Canada on the CDC website.

Wifi, ATM (i.e. bank machines) and public flush toilets are abundant.

The 5 Senses

pine forests; salty ocean air

brine, fresh

rugged, pebbly

forest green; ocean blue

the fiddle; Gaelic; distinct pronunciation of car, far, gas

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