Peregrinations & Meditations

Walking  is a great way to keep fit while travelling. It is suitable for all fitness levels, requires minimal equipment and is a way to experience your destination in a way that bus tours can’t duplicate. For Fitness & Travel, Weal World Travel has organically devised a series of self-guided walking tours for the active traveller where you can explore the world on foot, commune with nature and devour chocolate.
Walk n’ ChocSelf guided walking tours where the road less traveled by foot leads to chocolate!
Urban Walks & Food TalksUrban walks for the vegetarian foodie.
Peregrinations & MeditationsNature walks that inspire.

Along with descriptions and photos, we will bring you tips on how to have an enjoyable and safe hiking experience.  In this post we focus on Peregrinations & Meditations.

Peregrination can mean to travel or wander from place to place, especially on foot
~Merriam Webster online~Oxford Dictionaries online~

Nature has a way of inspiring the soul and invigorating the mind. Hiking is beneficial to the body. These combined benefits offer a healthy and holistic way to experience the natural environment of your destination. For many, it is nature that draws us to a place – to see it, be in awe of it and snap countless photos of it. In this series we will share with you popular nature hikes around the world and the quotes and/or meditations they inspire.

Whether you choose to hike in nature or explore your urban environment on foot, walking can be enjoyed by just about everyone just about anywhere.

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A Guide to Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh


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