The FIFA Series – The Last Tango

Will it be Germany or Argentina?

I remember being in Syria during the last World Cup (South Africa 2010) and there were country flags everywhere showing loyalty to a particular team. Major sporting events have a way of transgressing cultural and linguistic differences as a group of strangers come together to cheer for a common goal.

Whether you are a sports fan or not you can’t deny that major sporting events have a way of electrifying a crowd.

*Canada winning the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver.
*New Zealand winning the World Cup Rugby title in its homeland 2011.
*The current World Cup game.

Government travel advisories often warn travellers to stay away from large gatherings of people, lest a riot break out. This may very well happen-some soccer ‘fans’ are infamous for unsportsmanlike hooliganism. However, events like this tend to inspire more euphoria than chaos. So mind how you go, keep your personal belongings close and participate in an experience never to be recreated.

And the winner is…Germany.

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