Canada Day Special – Wacky Trips

Dust off your hockey stick, put on your red and white clothes and get those butter tarts in the oven, it’s Canada Day again! A day where most people are filled with patriotic pride for this country while their grievances are put on hold. Here are some uniquely Canadian activities to experience this country:

  • Drive across the country and get timbits from every Tim Horton’s along the Trans Canada highway.
  • Have your picture taken with the Wawa goose in Wawa Ontario (while it is still standing).
  • Up until August 2013, you could have had a shot of the Sourtoe cocktail in Dawson City, Yukon. Now that someone has swallowed the toe (!) this drink will never be the same. I’m sure there are some backup toes somewhere to carry on the tradition.
  •  A polar bear swim on New Year’s Day.  A refreshing dip never felt so cold and it’s often for a charitable cause too!

lacrosse in summer, hockey in winter (2 national sports here); hike, bike and swim (polar bear swim on New Years’ Day-if you’re brave enough)

Essential oils of Black Spruce, Mint, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir

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