The FIFA Series – The Americas

Christopher Columbus discovered America.


Or so we were told. I learned in school that a European was credited with discovering this continent. This is a huge oversight considering there was an extensive and diverse Indigenous population throughout North and Central America in pre-European times. Perhaps the history books should read that Columbus happened upon an already inhabited land.

Three of the countries in this year’s World Cup are located in two of the three Americas: Honduras and Mexico on the Central American isthmus and the USA in North America. Indigenous peoples in these lands may have varied languages and cultures but they do share some colonial experiences. Since the arrival of the Europeans, their numbers were greatly reduced and the land upon which they lived has changed dramatically.

The issues of climate change, corporate power and violation of human rights have some people turning to the ways (as they see them) of the Indigenous peoples as a solution to the world’s problems.The idea of being a caretaker of the land rather than an owner, recognizing the connection of the spirit world to the natural environment and using plants as medicine are trending now.

Travel to these countries offers an opportunity to explore traditional healing practices of Indigenous peoples. But take great care if you come across some peyote!

A Tidbit
Sage, one of the smudging (i.e. cleansing) plants used by certain Indigenous tribes can also be found as an essential oil. Consult a professional aromatherapist for ways to use Salvia officinalis for health and healing. See overview of sage on WebMD.

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