The FIFA Series – Euros for Health & Wellness

Five of the countries in the World Cup are located in Europe. They are oft visited travel destinations with lots of history and natural landscapes to offer as their attractions. And, as countries in Europe are relatively close together, you can visit several of them in one trip. This may prove to be a little hectic, though, so consider adding in some stops along the way to de-stress.

Check out the English countryside on foot. Walking is a great way to keep fit for everyone and when done in the presence of nature it can also be quite meditative. Stop and smell the (English) roses for comfort. Foot Trails – Walking England’s Rural Canvas.

Visit the lavender fields of Provence for some of the most highly reputed therapeutic lavender there is, Lavandula Angustifolia. Lavender is said to be calming, a veritable anti-anxiety and anti-stress drug provided by nature.

Rejuvenate in the spa town of Baden-Baden. Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is renowned for its healing properties.

A plethora of bikes on the streets of Amsterdam is one of those scenes synonymous with the Netherlands. Given that the land is relatively flat you should be able to cover a lot of territory with ease. And cycling is another great way to keep fit. Nederlandfietsland – All About Cycle Tourism in the Netherlands

Hike in summer, ski in winter and eat chocolate all year-round. While this is an expensive destination, your mind, body and soul will feel it’s well worth the money to visit.


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