The Triple ‘F’ for Mother’s Day

It comes once a year and is a day to celebrate the mother you have, the mother you are or any mother figure in your life. Happy Mothers’ Day* to the moms who love to travel, wherever you are in the world. Here are some Weal World ideas for indulging yourself on your day:

A leisurely stroll on a beautiful beach barefoot. Walking in sand is a great workout for the calves even if you are not moving fast and the presence of ocean has a therapeutic effect.

How about a spa treatment? Every country has its own specialty spa services to fit most budgets. May we suggest a relaxing or rejuvenating treatment employing essential oils.

Many kids play chef for the day and serve mom breakfast in bed. Have a lie in and then opt for a leisurely breakfast of local fruit, breads and some protein to start your day on the road.

And honourable mention goes to our other favourite things:
Chocolate always seems to be the go-to gift for women on a special day. How about some luxurious Belgian chocolates (hopefully fair-trade).


How about a cultural dance lesson? Do the tango in Buenos Aires, Egyptian belly dance in Cairo or a hula in Honolulu.

*Note: The actual date of Mothers’ Day varies among countries. May 11th, 2014 is the Canadian, American, New Zealand and Australian date.

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