Tuk Tuks in Thailand

Picture this...Riding a tuk tuk  that is wheeling in and out of traffic on the crowded streets of Bangkok while the wind whips through your hair and the pollution permeates your lungs.

Bangkok traffic is notorious and the experience of taking tuk tuk transportation in Thailand’s capital city is a memorable souvenir for the adventurous traveller. However, the amount of pollution on the city’s streets can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Aromatherapy to the rescue! Here’s our aromatic tip for travel:
Place a drop of lavender or frankincense essential oil in a kleenex then wrap a scarf around it. Use the scarf to cover your mouth when riding a tuk tuk and just inhale. Lavender and frankincense can neutralize toxins and the aroma gives a sense of much-needed calm for those hair-raising rides through Bangkok traffic.

Categories: Aromatherapy, Tips, Travel

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