Weal World Dance

Weal World Dance is Culturally Inspired Dance Fitness
Dance to Enhance your Fitness and Well-Being

One of the off-shoots of Weal World Travel is our dance division. Dance is a holistic workout that touches the soul, works the mind and exercises the body. It is also something found all over the globe. While the moves may be different, every culture has its own distinctive dance. A great way to connect with your destination is to partake in a dance lesson. Here are just a few highlights of what different dance forms can do for you and your body.

  • West African dance for leg work (especially your quads!)
  • Egyptian belly dance for core work
  • Caribbean cardio (a little wining and chipping never hurt anyone, but the ‘twerking’…)
  • Ethiopian shoulder dance for upper body endurance and flexibility

Weal World Travel offers various dance workshops. They are currently available by special arrangement.
Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels and lovers of dance. The spirit of the cultural dance is retained while the moves are adapted for a group fitness class. Please get in touch if you’re curious to learn more.

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