There’s More to Ireland Than Just Guinness

No other culture gets the celebration and world-wide recognition as the Irish do on March 17th. There is a dearth of green beer, tacky green clothes and more green beer.

Food and wine tours are becoming an increasingly popular way to experience a culture. In some countries (e.g. Belgium) it can be all about the beer. However, there’s more to Ireland than just Guinness. A trip to the Emerald Isle may result in acquaintance with any number of beers, lagers and stout. Too much beer, though, can make Jack a stout boy. (Also applies to the Jills of the world but to be gender inclusive made an awkward sentence construction.) There’s always the local gym for working out but there are also more ‘cultural’ ways to keep fit when in Ireland.

From shillelaghs to shamrocks and Guinness stout too,
Here are some activities ‘fit’ just for you.

The Puck of the Irish
Didn’t know the Irish had an ice hockey league? While you may not be allowed to play in the ‘big leagues’ you may be able to find a game of pick-up hockey-on ice or not.

Hiking Ireland
They don’t call this the Emerald Isle for nothing. Ireland is renowned for its greenery and there’s no better way to experience it than to see it for yourself. While the weather may be a challenge, a walk in nature can be invigorating and inspirational.

The Irish Dance Party
Since you will likely be in a pub in Dublin anyways, you might as well stay and learn to dance. The Irish Dance Party offers entertainment and lessons in the span of 2 hours for about 12 Euros. Must book ahead of time.

And now my short list of some places around the world to celebrate St.  Patty’s Day. I think Montserrat will be on my World Festivals Bucket List.

Auckland, NZ
Sydney, Australia
Montserrat, Caribbean
New York City, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Montreal, Canada
Dubai, Middle East
Dublin, Ireland

 Cead Mile Failte

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