Don’t Leave Home Without…

…some worthwhile travel accessories. They may not appear top of the packing list but they will definitely come in handy on your travels.

  • Sleep sheet. This comes in silk or cotton, looks like a sleeping bag and often folds into its own bag. Use on beds where the cleanliness of bed sheets is questionable.
  • Eton wind-up shortwave radio. Has a radio function, flashlight and USB charger. Uses crank  and solar power to operate. Great for travelling to areas without reliable electricity or in areas with a power outage.  Product description and picture
  • Bag cover. A water-proof ‘jacket’ for your bag so it and the contents don’t get wet. Available in various sizes for day packs, backpacks and suitcases.
  • Head Lamp. You never know when nature will call in the middle of the night and there is no electricity to light your way to the toilet. Head lamps can also be useful for searching in your bag in the middle of the night without needing to turn on a light.
  • Wet serviettes. It’s always nice to have a way to clean your hands, shoes or other items that may get soiled. Many varieties exist but do look for the environmentally friendly and non-toxic ones.

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