Out with the Same old Same old – In with the New

Now that we’re well into the first month of 2014, one can start tracking who has the resolve to keep their resolutions. For some reason New Year’s Eve/Day is a time for people to make goals about weight loss, getting healthier, breaking bad habits etc. Often the efforts start to wane before the goal(s) has been accomplished. If one of your goals is to travel more (mine is) then congratulations! Once you’re on the road you can still keep any resolutions relating to fitness and health. Here are some WWT tips to help you achieve overall goals of wellness:

Yoga is a great workout for strength, balance and flexibility. It can be done anywhere with minimal equipment (if you consider clothing and a mat ‘equipment’) and by anyone (various modifications exist). Start your day off with a sun salutation before a busy day of sightseeing. Do walking tours of your destination and finish the day with more yoga. OR combine a visit to India with a yoga retreat.

Stress has been implicated in many ‘diseases of the modern age’ (e.g. cardiovascular). Aromatherapy is an effective way to deal with stress. Bring lavender essential oil to help keep you calm and relaxed on your travels or wear a natural perfume containing neroli essential oil-also a good for relieving stress. OR take a trip to the lavender fields of Provence and inhale deeply.

Use your travels to go processed food free. If you are an adventurous wanderer, chances are your destination will be devoid of these nasty beasts of modern-day food production. By not eating refined sugar for a period of time, your palate may just lose its taste for this ‘white drug’. OR take a culinary food tour of Vancouver’s Granville Island with PICA (Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts).

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