A Whole Lotta Shakin’

No sooner did we post our tips on managing a flood experience then Mother Nature strikes again with one of her specialties. Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, was recently rocked by a major earthquake.

Search results on New Zealand Herald site for Wellington earthquake.

Finding Fault with New Zealand
New Zealand is a beautiful country in the South Pacific. However, this incarnation of ‘Middle Earth’ is active with earthquakes, geysers and volcanoes. Major faults lie under the country and ‘Godzone’ (as the locals call it)  is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a hotbed of seismic activity. Building lives and communities along and above these fault lines are some of New Zealand’s major cities: Christchurch, Wellington.

The choice to have the government in Wellington which is situated on the Wellington fault may have been done on purpose. When a quake of major magnitude hits, there goes the beehive parliament and its worker bees. The buzz will be gone. That would take care of an unpopular government. However, the airport is built on reclaimed land and people live, eat and sleep while the Wellington fault line lurks beneath . What would happen to the homes, the communities they’ve built, the businesses established, the arts and culture scene and all that makes Wellington the “coolest capital in the world”? In a country of extreme activities like bungee jumping how does an earthquake compare? Is it just another day in the life of a Kiwi?

With so many people on the planet and land at a premium (water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface leaving a meagre 30% for land) can building on a flood plain or fault line be completely avoided?

Whether at home or abroad disaster preparedness is something everyone can benefit from learning. Simply put, be knowledgeable and be prepared. Learn about the various natural disasters, where they typically occur and the repercussions during and after they strike. Then prepare by having a survival kit on hand and an emergency plan in place as recommended by emergency personnel.

The earth is a living thing and is constantly undergoing change. Sometimes we feel it or see it but we are usually in awe of the results. Plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions have helped to create the breathtaking scenery found in New Zealand and other parts of the world today.

Carpe Diem and Travel Safe!


Wellington. Photo by Kimberley (c)2007.

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