“Water Water Everywhere”

What’s this world coming to? Deluges world-wide.

Delhi, Calgary, Las Vegas, China, southern Germany, Budapest, Prague, Texas, Toronto…

…And likely more areas to come in the coming months. If you find yourself travelling when a flood hits, what do you do?


  • Research your destination for recent weather patterns and typical climate. Avoid rainy season if you can.
  • Pack accordingly: water-resistant shoes, an umbrella, rain jacket, water-proof cover for your luggage and quick dry clothes.
  • Once at your destination register with your local embassy. Should a disastrous flood strike, they can help assist you.


  • Don your water-proof gear and avoid walking through moving water. Seek safe cover, preferably on higher ground.
  • Keep first aid kit, bottled water, crank radio/flashlight, medications and valuables (e.g. passport) on your persons.
  • Avoid anything ‘electrical’ (power lines, elevators, cars etc.). Do not drive. If stuck in a car in floodwaters, abandon car and seek cover.


  • Thoroughly clean clothing and other items muddied by water that may contain sewage, gasoline and other unsavoury elements.
  • Continue to avoid anything electrical as well as any land that may have been weakened, thus unstable, by heavy rainfall.
  • Contact family and friends (perhaps through your embassy) to let them know you are o.k.

~Travel safe, smart and happy~

*The only material that is truly water-proof is your skin. All water-resistant articles will eventually get wet when exposed long-term to heavy rainfall.*

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