Staying Put

It is the last day of Stampede and our special edition of Calgary related posts is coming to a close.
So you are in Cowtown wondering what to do in the city? Assuming business has recovered sufficiently from the floods, here’s our suggestions for some of Calgary’s touristic highlights:


  • Calgary Zoo – Visit the animals; they are lonely (and probably still traumatized by the floods.) Nicely laid out though and suitable for kids and adults. Reopening scheduled to begin the end of July 2013.


  • GlobalFest – A festival centred around an international fireworks competition.
  • Flames games – Watch the local hockey team win and lose. Season is October thru to April.

Neighbourhood Festivals

  • Lilac Fest – A street fair in Mission area at the time the lilacs typically bloom.
  • Sun and Salsa Festival – ‘Cool’ Kensington inner city neighbourhood hosts street party and salsa cooking competition. Tortilla chips are free.


  • The Red Mile‘ (so named after the euphoria surrounding the Flames run for the Stanley Cup in 2004) on 17th avenue southwest


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