I Pack My Suitcase and in it I Put…

…essential clothing items for the female traveller. Here are 5 must-have items we recommend taking on your travels:

  1. Scarf
  2. Good pair of walking shoes
  3. Convertible pants
  4. A little black dress
  5. Fleece

1. A scarf can come in handy for many things: a head cover for entering mosque; a neck warmer; a snazzy belt; a shawl; and a hip scarf for impromptu belly dancing in the Middle East.

2. A comfortable, durable and preferably water-proof pair of shoes are invaluable.

3. Convertible pants have removable legs that zip off to turn long pants capris or shorts. These are great when you are travelling through different climates.

4. Well it doesn’t have to be little or even black but a nice outfit is always good to have on hand. Opt for a wrinkle-free material so you don’t have to be concerned with steaming your outfit before your big night out.

5. I debated this one but decided that a fleece jacket/sweater should make the must-pack list. Layers are ideal for travel and a fleece can double as a pillow or mini-blanket if it is too warm otherwise to wear.


And for the men out there, any guy-friendly substitutions you would like to contribute…?

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