Smokers of the World – Quit! Finding Clean Air in Dirty Spaces

On your travels you will be exposed to various types of air pollution such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust and industrial fumes. Whether touring parts of the Middle East and parts of Europe (where smoking is still rampant), navigating the smog of a star-studded road trip in LA or seeing the historic sites of Mexico City you cannot control the amount of pollution you encounter but you can support your body in managing it. Here are our triple F tips – naturally:

Take a leaf from yoga’s book and breathe! Oxygen helps to neutralize toxic substances. Find a natural environment and just drink in the goodness nature has to offer. For some destinations nature is the attraction. e.g. New Zealand

Trees have often been called the lungs of the earth and essential oils derived from trees help support respiratory function. Some essential oils that help you breathe easier are pine, spruce, fir, frankincense and eucalyptus. Lavender is also a good oil for neutralizing toxic substances thus helping to mitigate the effects of pollution.

Eat your greens. (This does not mean artificially coloured green food.) Consuming copious amounts of good quality vegetables daily, particularly dark green, helps to rid your body of toxins.

Credit: Kimberley (2013)

Credit: Kimberley (2013)

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