BYOT – Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

Anyone who has traveled extensively has at least one bathroom horror story.

See our post entitled  Survival Guide to Squat Toilets

Some destinations are toilet-friendly while others are not. Walking around major cities in Canada has proven to be ‘anal‘ (if you’ll pardon the expression) when it comes to the use of public toilets. There are few of them and those that do exist incite fear and trepidation into anyone who dares to use them. The other public toilets to be found are attached to restaurants and other businesses and you have to be a paying customer at the establishment before the staff even consider loaning you the key.

On the other hand, public toilets in New Zealand have proven to be plentiful and clean. I had the pleasure of using an automated stand-alone unit in Hastings not far from the Te Mata Peak.

The door opens a la Star Trek and in you go. A woman’s voice reminiscent of a British t.v. announcer informs you that the door is now locked and will stay that way for the next 10 minutes. Once you’ve finished your ‘business‘ and the toilet has flushed automatically, the same woman’s voice advises you to wash your hands in the correct order i.e soap, then water, and dry. Everything is done automatically; there is no need to touch anything. As you make your way to the door it opens automatically a la Star Trek and the woman’s voice thanks you for using the facilities.

Whether at home or abroad stay healthy with our public toilet tips:

  • Carry your own toilet paper just-in-case none is provided. Travel stores sell small compact rolls which take up very little space in your bag.
  • Make sure you have hand sanitizer just-in-case the water isn’t running and no soap is provided.
  • Have toilet seat covers on your persons just-in-case you don’t want to get intimate with the toilet seat. Or build your leg muscles. (See ‘Survival Guide’ post highlighted above.)

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